Gird List
  • Look Solutions - Tiny S Fogger fog output

    In addition to the fluid reservoir also the battery can be screwed directly into the machine.Thus, any external cable or fluid tube is not longer needed and the Tiny S consists of only one component. Features Smallest...

  • Look Solutions - Power Tiny Fogger battery powered fog machine front

    The POWER-TINY completes the range of the off-mains operated machines perfectly and fills the gap between high flexibility and powerful fog output. Features Portable use Heat-up time only one second Light weight, small...

  • Look Solutions - Tiny CX Fogger handheld machine front right

    Based on the current digital control technology we have designed the Tiny CX. Its easy handling and quick start-up is outstanding. Features Small dimensions, light weight Battery supplies energy only when necessary Warm...

  • Look Solution - Tiny FX Mini Fog machine left with battery attached

    This fog generator is called tiny, and its dimensions truly are tiny. In a small package technology of outstanding performance has been realised. Features Very small dimensions Battery supplies energy only when...

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