Gird List
  • Chamsys - QuickQ Rack

    QuickQ Rack is a small rack mountable version of the QuickQ console designed for installations. It features the same operating system as QuickQ series consoles, but is designed to operate as a remote system without physical...

  • Chauvet DJ - Xpress 1024

    Harness the power of ShowXpress lighting control software with Xpress-1024 DMX interface. This self-contained aluminum unit is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X systems, but will easily store and play back 1 show...

  • Chauvet DJ - Xpress-512S DMX Lighting control

    Xpress-512S is a powerful DMX interface that lets you control ShowXpress lighting control software on either Windows® and Mac OS X systems. You can easily store and play back 1 show without a computer. This...

  • Enttec - Storm 8 compact Ethernet-DMX converter

    The Storm 8 is a compact Ethernet-DMX converter, a smaller sibling to the Storm 24. However, don’t let its size fool you! As one of a kind, the Storm 8 packs a huge punch and is powerful enough to control up to 4096...

  • Avolites Mac controller/interface

    This product brings the compactness of the T1 with more advanced features for controlling your show Features 2 Universes of DMX LTC Timecode In USB Midi Control + Supports Titan Mobile Fader Wing Supports Web...

  • Lightshark - LS-Core LightShark Engine

    LS-Core is the smallest 8 universe lighting console in the market, bringing a built-in hardware with the LightShark engine including all its features. A USB-host input is available to connect a MIDI surface hardware to use...

  • ETC - ETCnomad Student Package

    Due to continued global components shortages, ETC have made temporary changes to the Education Package program. We are currently offering the ETCnomad USB key (without the Gadget) for the reduced price of £170 (+ tax)...

  • Etc Nomad base out put

    ETCnomad is available in a base or unlocked version. The base unit supports 1024 outputs while the unlocked version supports 6144. (Note that Eos Software 2.8.X or earlier unlocks the base at 512 rather than 1024.). ETCnomad...

  • Chamsys - MagicQ USB Two Universe DMX512 Interface

    A professional level solution to the question of how to get DMX outputs from a PC to a lighting rig, the MagicQ Two Universe DMX Interface is a solution. But it is still very economical and provides flexible and small...

  • Zero 88 - Phantom ZerOS Unlock

    Phantom ZerOS is an offline editor for the ZerOS consoles and provides full desk functionality from a standard Windows PC. Show files can be loaded from USB, manipulated using the standard desk controls and then re-saved as...

  • Enttec - Open DMX USB  up to 512 channels

    The OPEN DMX USB is a no-frills, inexpensive way to get into the world of controlling DMX devices from a PC. It relies on the computer for all calculations and timing of the DMX signal, so it may not be ideal for many medium...

  • Enttec - DMX USB Pro Mk2 Two universes (512 channel each)

    The DMX USB Pro MK2 builds on the functionality of the original DMX USB Pro to provide even more functionality in a smaller footprint. Introducing the new industry standard DMX/USB interface. The DMX USB Pro MK2 can control...

  • Enttec DMX USB Pro

    Products don’t become an industry standard for no reason. The DMX USB Pro has proven for a number of years that it’s both a reliable and robust product usable for a number of applications. It has been adopted by...

  • Avo titan T1 USB

    T1 - the second generation of Titan One in a new slick, rugged design. Fast and Intuitive control of intelligent lighting, Dimmers and LED effects from one on screen console. T1 allows the user to output one line of DMX...

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