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  • C-Plus Haze Fluid 2.5L
    £30.00 £24.00

    JEM™ C-Plus Haze Fluid is a water-based haze fluid formula that is specifically designed for use in the JEM Hazer Pro and JEM Compact Hazer Pro. JEM C-Plus Haze Fluid is a dense molecular formula that produces very...

  • Organic Haze Fluid (for Haze-Max)
    £77.00 £61.60

    The Organic Haze fluid is for use in CITC's AquaMax hazers. The fluid is 100% organic ingredients such as reverse osmosis purified water.

  • Unique Fluid Haze
    £27.00 £20.93

    Look Solutions manufactured haze fluid designed for the UNIQUE 2 haze generator to ensure optimal haze and minimal fluid consumption.

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