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  • Doughty Pipe Clamp 90 Degree Elbow
    £8.72 £6.98

    A 90 degree elbow joint between two tubes. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Tube Diameter: 48mm Weight: 0.87 Kg Downloads: Data...

  • Doughty Pipe Clamp Kee Klamp
    £7.69 £6.15

    A Termination flange to be used on structures where a positional fixing only is required. 8mm mounting holes. This fitting is not recommended for use as a base plate for Guard railing, see T13200. TECHNICAL...

  • Doughty Pipeclamp long Tee Clamp
    £10.50 £8.40

    A 90 degree connection between two tubes. This Pipeclamp can be used to join two tubes in the top of the twin grub screw long tee. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Tube Diameter: 48mm Weight: 1.04 Kg...

  • Doughty pipeclamp Railing Base Flange
    £10.83 £8.66

    A structural base plate for all aspects of vertical tube support. The holes in the base plate are large enough to enable the use of mechanical or chemical anchor fixings. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Mounting Holes: 14mm...

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