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  • Elation Professional - Flex Pixel IRC

    The Flex Pixel IR Infrared Wireless Receiver & Remote driver allows for stand alone control of the Flex Pixel WP Tape Please Note: This product is intended for professional use only.

  • Elation Professional - PIXEL DRIVER 4000

    Pixel Driver 4000™ is designed specifically for the Elation Pixel Bar 30IP, 60IP, and 120IP series, and provides easy and versatile control options including simple on-board manual dimming and strobe control, and full...

  • Elation Professional - Flex Pixel Driver 1

    Flex Pixel Driver is a dedicated DMX driver for up to 144 Pixels / 2 Tapes / up to 432 DMX channels of control. It’s small, compact design allows for easy mounting and integration into your installation...

  • Enttec - PLink Injector Connectors

    ENTTEC’s PLink protocol allows pixel data to travel on standard Cat 6 cables so you can extend your pixel tape and dots to be up to 300m away from the Pixelator or Pixie Driver with no need for special cables or...

  • Enttec - Pixie Driver Pre-programmed or live

    Controlling individual pixels reliably now at your fingertips Combine the power and control using Pixie Driver, to realize previously unimaginable visual effects, right at your fingertips. Pre-programmed or live, Pixie...


    To get the most out of LED tape, you need the driver with the most going for it. The CV Driver MK2 is a powerful all-in-one driver that allows you to drive up to 17 meters of ENTTEC 9CL 24V LED tape per output—without...

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