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  • Elation Professional - E-FLY Wireless Transceiver small size

    The E-FLY™ Transceiver is a long range wireless DMX Transceiver (Transmitter/Receiver in one) that is compatible with other E-FLY™ products and includes a rechargeable battery, which provides a solution for...

  • Elation Professional - EWDMXII-ip Wireless DMX Transmitter

    The EWDMXII-ip™ is an IP65 rated wireless DMX transceiver solution featuring a 2dbi outdoor antenna, up to 1,640 ft (500m) wireless DMX range*, FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) of 1,800 tps, data safe...

  • Chauvet DJ - D-Fi XLR Pack Charging Station

    Make any DMX-compatible light wireless! The wonders of wireless DMX control have arrived to previously non-wireless lights with D-Fi XLR. This cutting-edge technology provides instant wireless communication through compact...

  • Chauvet DJ - D-Fi XLR TX wireless transmitter

    Discover the amazing transforming transmitter! D-Fi XLR TX transforms conventionally wired DMX set-ups into wireless ones! This battery powered wireless D-Fi transmitter fits in the palm of your hand and provides instant...

  • Chauvet DJ - D-Fi XLR RX

    DMX control goes from wired to wireless with D-Fi XLR RX! This compact battery-powered wireless D-Fi receiver uses revolutionary CHAUVET DJ technology to provide instant wireless communication by plugging directly into the...

  • Chauvet DJ - FlareCON Air 2 3pin XLR

    FlareCON Air 2 is a Compact, 100% TRUE wireless Wi-Fi™ receiver and wireless D-Fi™ transmitter in a single unit. The unit has a built-in battery, generates its own Wi-Fi™ network, and can be used anywhere...

  • Chauvet DJ - D-Fi Hub  wire less DMX

    D-Fi Hub is a compact, easy-to-use DMX unit that functions as either a transmitter or receiver. For more stable communication between units, it operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency range and includes an “auto”...

  • Chauvet DJ - D-Fi USB wireless DMX controller

    CHAUVET DJ has developed a series of fixtures that include a standard USB connection. You can now wirelessly connect to all of them using the new D-Fi USB transceiver, which eliminates the need for any DMX cables. The USB...

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