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  • Dirty Rigger - Carpet Crawler™ Cable Cover

    Make people aware of your cables and minimise trip hazards with the Dirty Rigger® Carpet Crawler™. Simply lay over loose cables and secure using the carpet grippers running along each edge. Interlocking tabs on...

  • Dirty Rigger - Glove Clip

    Don’t leave gloves behind, clip them on right by your side with the Dirty Rigger® Glove Clip. Features Single-handed unclip Engineer grade, utra tough material Non-conductive 5kg/7lbs break-away Size: 12...

  • Dirty Rigger - Gaffer Tape Holder with carabiner

    Acting as a tool leash, the Gaffer Holder quickly and securely offers an accessible strap for holding tools, clamps, bags and its original design intention – gaffer tape. The quick release buckle allows for single...

  • Dirty Rigger - Padded Utility Belt tough webbed fabric

    Spread the load with an extra wide 12.7cm (5”) padded belt-back, lined with a breathable mesh and specially selected foam for optimum all-day comfort. Move freely as the belt narrows at the front and sides, minimising...

  • Dirty Rigger - Tool Belt webbed rigging tool belt

    Allow your waist to breathe with Dirty Rigger® multi-layered material construction. The padded 3D internally-breathable mesh provides excellent ventilation throughout the belt, minimising uncomfortable under-belt sweat...

  • Dirty Rigger - Podger Holster

    Keep your podger right by your side with the Dirty Rigger® Podger Holster. Tidy and discreet, the holster is designed to fit the Dirty Rigger 4-in-1 Podger and most other podgers of equal size. Features Discreet...

  • Dirty Rigger - LED Chest Rig chest front tool pouch

    Store your essentials on this lightweight, compact Chest Rig with an integrated 15 lumen LED. The light source is easily removed for hand-held use and comes complete with a replaceable battery pack. A full-width zip-lock...

  • Dirty Rigger - Single shoulder 12 ltr tool bag

    Keep everything you need right by your side in the Dirty Rigger® Gear Bag. 12 ltrs of organised space, constructed using heavy duty materials and a water resistant outer shell. Padded walls help cushion everything from...

  • Dirty Rigger - Tech Pouch 2.0 tool belt pouch filled with tools

    An abrasion and puncture-resistant 4mm rubber base helps prevent pointed tools from piercing through the bottom of the pouch. Keep your equipment organised with a 2.5ltr master pocket and 5 slip-in pockets positioned around...

  • Dirty Rigger - Tech Pouch filled with tools

    Weighing less than 300grams, the Tech Pouch helps you keep tools organised with a 2.5ltr master pocket and 5 slip-in pockets positioned around the inner walls. Instantly access your most commonly used tools from two...

  • Dirty Rigger - detachable tool belt pouch

    Low profile, light weight and extremely durable. The Pro-Pocket™ 2.0 has a unique layout design which enables it to hold a professional’s must-have tools and necessities with minimal bulk. What’s...

  • Dirty Rigger - tool belt pouch with lots of storage

    The Pro-Pocket™ XT provides a tool storage solution which falls between the Pro-Pocket™ 2.0 and the Tech Pouch / Tech Pouch 2.0 for storage capacity. While still relatively compact, its innovative internal and...

  • Dirty Rigger - Tool belt attachment

    Our unique design provides essential tool storage in an ultra-compact space. Simply attach it to your belt and you’ll almost instantly forget it’s there. This clenched-fist sized pouch utilises every millimetre...

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