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  • Doughty Ceiling saddle
    £6.07 £4.86

    A ceiling saddle is shaped to bridge any small obstructions. Supplied with a 10mm mounting holes and accepts M12 Bolt/M12 Studding with provision for adjustment. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Stand Off: 75mm Weight: 0.44 Kg...

  • Doughty Hanging Clamp Black
    £31.76 £25.41

    The Doughty Hanging Clamp is supplied fitted with an Eye nut. This Clamp is ideal for suspending wire hung loads. Manufactured from high tensile Aluminium Extrusion and available in Black or Polished Aluminium. TECHNICAL...

  • Doughty Gravlock scaff Coupler
    £48.51 £38.81

    Gravlock couplers are used to attach 48mm barrel to a girder / beam at 90 degrees. Suitable for flanges up to 45mm thick. It is important to note these couplers must be used in pairs as supplied. TECHNICAL...

  • Doughty Pipe wall bracket Various sizes
    £19.98 £15.98

    Pipe to wall brackets are available in two sizes providing a stand off of 100mm and 300mm. Manufactured in mild steel with a bright zinc plate finish.

  • Trilite Panel Coupler with Lifting Eye

    The OPTI Trilite 200 Panel Coupler is used to fix solid panels to OPTI Trilite 2 inch tubes or truss.

  • Trilite 200 Half Coupler with Lifting eye

    The OPTI Trilite 200 Half Coupler with Lifting Eye is used to suspend OPTI Trilite 2 inch tubes or truss rigs with wires from ceilings or other solid structures.

  • Trilite 200 Saddle Clamp

    The OPTI Trilite 200 Steel Saddle Clamp creates a strong, permanent connection to secure OPTI Trilite 200 Truss to walls, floors, ceilings or other flat surfaces.

  • Doughty Universal Clamp (48mm for M12)
    £6.59 £5.27

    A universal clamp to suit a 48mm tube. Shaped to captivate a bolt head or nut. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS SWL: 48mm - 200Kg

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