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  • Elation Professional - Smarty Max Beam, Spot, Wash Hybrid Fixture

    The SMARTY MAX™ combines high output and long lamp life in a feature packed compact and lightweight Hybrid fixture. SMARTY MAX is the Extreme Output Hybrid featuring the new Philips MSD Platinum FLEX 400 lamp and...

  • Elation Professional - Smarty Hybrid  11,000 Lumen Output

    The Smarty Hybrid™ is a compact full featured CMY color mixing spot, beam, and wash hybrid luminaire featuring the all new Philips™ MSD Platinum 200 Flex lamp with “FLEX” technology which uses a...

  • Elation Professional - Fuze SFX 12,000 Total Lumen Output

    The FUZE SFX™ is a new concept LED Spot FX fixture designed for a variety of applications requiring a compact and powerful multi-purpose luminaire. The SFX is capable of projecting tight beams to wide washes using a...

  • Elation Professional - Proteus Beam WMG IP Rated Moving Head Light

    The Proteus Beam™ is an innovative full featured IP65 rated Marine Grade moving head beam luminaire. It features the Philips™ MSD Platinum 14R 280W 80CRI lamp, 7,800K, 12,000 lumens, an advanced optical system...

  • Elation Professional - DARTZ 360 Flicker Free Operation for TV and FILM

    The DARTZ 360™ is a unique, compact, narrow beam luminaire featuring a new patent pending single source 50W RGB LED engine producing an impressive 3° aperture, amazing high output level, and smooth color-mixed...

  • Chauvet DJ - Intimidator Beam Q60 360 degree pan

    Breath-taking beam effects from a whip-fast moving head are at hand with Intimidator Beam Q60 with full 360-degree pan and tilt. That continuous, unlimited movement and speed is a big part of what gives Intimidator Beam Q60...

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