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  • Elation Professional - Fuze Par Z120 IP

    The IP65 rated FUZE PAR Z120 IP™ is a single source silent operating par luminaire with a 120W Quad Color RGBW COB LED. Features 7° to 55° motorized zoom, RGBW color mixing, electronic strobe and selectable...

  • Elation Professional - DW PAR Z19 IP

    The IP65 rated DW PAR Z19 IP™ features (19) 15W 2-in-1 Cool White / Warm White LEDs, 5° to 36° motorized zoom, dynamic white color temperature range control from 2,700K - 6,000K, electronic strobe and variable...

  • Elation Professional - Arena Zoom Q7IP

    The ARENA ZOOM Q7IP™ an IP65 outdoor rated par fixture featuring (7) 30W Osram™ Multichip RGBW LEDs, 7° to 40° motorized zoom, smooth color mixing, 38 color macros and variable speed macro effects, RGB...

  • Elation Professional - Seven Par 7IP

    The SEVEN PAR 7IP™ is an IP65 outdoor rated seven color par wash luminaire with (7) 25W 7-in-1 RGBAW + Lime + UV LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, Lime, and a 395nm UV) producing 3,600 total output lumens and 90CRI...

  • Elation Professional - KL PAR FC

    The KL PAR FC™ is a compact full-color-spectrum LED fixture that provides high output, precise color temperature control, full spectrum color rendering and even wash coverage. Offering powerful color intensity and a...

  • Elation Professional - SEVEN Series

    The SEVEN PAR 19IP™ is an IP65 outdoor rated seven color par wash luminaire with (19) 25W 7-in-1 RGBAW + Lime + UV LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, Lime, and a 395nm UV) producing up to 9,300 total output lumens...

  • Elation Professional - Fuze Par Z175

    The FUZE PAR Z175™ is a single source par with zoom. Featuring a 175W RGBW COB LED engine, 8° to 35° motorized zoom, an advanced cooling system, smooth RGBW color mixing, 64 color presets and 14 unique color...

  • Elation Professional - DTW Par 300

    The DTW PAR 300™ features (16) 10W multi-chip CW / WW / Amber LEDs, 23° beam angle, full color temperature range control from Tungsten to Daylight (2,700K - 6,500K) and a unique “Dim-to-Warm” function...

  • Chauvet DJ - SlimPAR T6BT

    SlimPAR T6BT is a low profile, high output wash light featuring six tri-color (RGB) LEDs and built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology. Enjoy easy lighting control of SlimPAR T6BT from any smartphone or tablet using BTAir...

  • Chauvet DJ - SlimPAR Pro Pix

    Wash and effect lighting reaches new heights of dynamic power and high-end, rugged features with SlimPAR Pro Pix. This powerful par is a hex-color (RGBAW +UV) wash light protected by a road-ready diecast aluminum housing...

  • Chauvet DJ - EVE P-160 RGBW

    When warm, bright, even wash light is needed for mobile and installation applications, EVE P-160 RGBW delivers. This robust light boasts 160 total watts of red, green, blue and white LEDs for full color output as well as...

  • Chauvet DJ - EZPin Pack 4 battery powered exhibition light

    Accent lighting and pin spotting with battery-powered EZpin Pack 4 makes lighting centerpieces, cakes, and other event space focal-points easier than ever. EZpin Pack 4 bundles four EZpin fixtures and one IRC-6 remote into...

  • Chauvet DJ - Pinspot Bar

    From creating subtle glows for appetizing buffets to lighting inspiring exhibits and highlighting special event elements, harness pinspotting power with Pinspot Bar. Pinspot Bar is a high-output bar with 6 independent...

  • Chauvet DJ - EZPin Zoom Pack Soft case

    EZPin Zoom Pack takes pin spot lighting to new heights of versatility. EZPin Zoom features manual zoom adjustment with a wide range to accommodate fixture placement at any distance. The unit is equipped with a handy magnetic...

  • Chauvet DJ - Ezbar Light weight three head spot lights

    EZBar is a battery-powered bar with three independent warm white pin spots designed to accent event space elements. Each of the three lights can be manually adjusted to different angles to light a variety of subjects. The...

  • Chauvet DJ - 4BAR LT BT

    4Bar LTBT is a convenient pack-n-go system that, not only sets up and tears down in seconds, but is now easier than ever to control. On-board Bluetooth® wireless technology means you can create and control dynamic...

  • Chauvet DJ - SlimPAR T12 BT

    SlimPAR T12BT makes remote light control easy with its on-board Bluetooth® wireless technology. Download the BTAir app (patent pending) for free from your favorite app store and enjoy the ultra-convenient ease of...

  • Chauvet DJ - SlimPAR Q12 BT

    SlimPAR Q12BT is a compact wash light with built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology that allows you to control the light from any smart phone or tablet without the need for any additional hardware. SlimPAR Q12BT features...

  • Chauvet DJ - EZLink Bluetooth controlled Par Q6 BT

    Battery-powered lighting just got even more convenient with EZLink Par Q6BT, a 100% TRUE wireless battery-operated Par with built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology. Harness the color-mixing power of this versatile...

  • Chauvet DJ - EZLink Par Q4 BT Smart Phone controlled party light

    CHAUVET DJ makes creating exhilarating lighting easy with EZLink Par Q4BT. This 100% wireless quad-color (RGBA) LED Par fixture is battery-powered and has Bluetooth® wireless technology built in, allowing you to control...

  • Chauvet DJ - EVE Par 150 UV

    EVE P-150 UV is a brawny blacklight cannon fitted with 40 UV LEDs emitting 150 watts of blacklight power. The unit is designed without a fan and its silent operation combined with its flicker-free output make it ideal for...

  • Chauvet DJ - EVE Par 140 VW

    EVE P-140 VW is a variable white wash light featuring cool white, warm white and amber LEDs. EVE P-140 VW is a D-fi USB compatible fixture providing the option to control the fixture wirelessly in Primary/Secondary mode or...

  • Chauvet DJ - EVE P-100WW

    Warm, bright and even wash is at hand with EVE P-100 WW, a high output warm white (3500 K) wash light designed for mobile and installation applications. It includes interchangeable magnetic lenses to alter the beam to...

  • Chauvet DJ - SlimPAR Q12 USB

    SlimPAR Q12 USB is a low-profile, high-output quad-color (RGBA) LED wash light with D-Fi USB for instant wireless connectivity. It is controllable via Primary/Secondary, DMX, standalone modes or the point-and-shoot IRC-6...

  • Chauvet DJ - SlimPAR T12 USB

    SlimPAR T12 USB is a high output tri-color (RBG) LED wash light with built-in D-FI USB compatibility to allow instant wireless control in DMX or Primary/Secondary mode. Tri-color LEDs virtually eliminate distractive...

  • Chauvet DJ - SlimPAR Pro Q USB

    SlimPAR Pro Q USB is a high-powered quad-color (RGBA), low-profile washlight with D-Fi USB compatibility for wireless control. Dynamic and natural-looking amber LEDs provide expanded color mixing capabilities. Added light...

  • Chauvet DJ - SlimPAR Pro H USB

    SlimPAR Pro H USB is a hex-color (RGBAW+UV) designed for any application that calls for a high-power, low-profile LED washlight with precise colors. Features include D-Fi USB compatibility for wireless control. SlimPAR Pro H...

  • Chauvet DJ - SlimPAR 56

    SlimPAR 56 is an LED wash light in a sleek white or black housing. Powered by 108 red, green and blue LEDs, it blends into any décor with ease. Customize light shows in 3- or 7-channel DMX mode. White housing not...

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