Gird List
  • V3air
    £41.66 £36.45

    An essential companion on the pursuit of adventure. Designed with freedom and weightlessness in mind, to ensure maximum comfort and easy operation. The headlamp is equipped with a minimized battery pack containing 3 x AAA...

  • V3air Rechargeable
    £62.49 £54.68

    Achieve remarkable efficiency without ever compromising performance. Introducing the ultimate power-to-cost rechargeable lightweight headlamp. Fitted as standard with a minimized battery pack but keeping fully...

  • V3pro
    £54.17 £47.40

    For over a decade professional light tools has been the heart of our business. The powerful LED headlamp V3pro, is designed with a meticulous attention to detail combing all of our experience in premium headlamps. Equipped...

  • V3pro Rechargeable
    £108.33 £94.79

    The V3pro rechargeable is the culmination of our proud cutting edge craftsmanship. It brings together astonishing performance and brilliant design in a light weight solution. Fitted as a standard with Hyperfocusu2122,...

  • V4pro Rechargeable
    £129.17 £113.02

    The V4pro rechargeable is the most technologically advanced headlamp in Suprabeam history. It has been developed based upon feedback and wishes from active sport exercisers, using headlamps in their daily workout. Based on...

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