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  • Gateway Rack Mount Kit
    £30.80 £25.41

    The Net3 Gateway Rack Mount kit is capable of holding up to two Net3 Gateways for mounting into a standard 19” rack enclosure. If you only need to mount one unit, a blanking plate is provided with the kit...

  • ODE Truss Mount Kit
    £22.00 £17.60

    ODE Truss Mount Kit - Clamp and ODE are not included.

  • PRO2 Wall Mount Kit
    £16.00 £12.80

    This accesory allows mounting of the USB Pro2 interface onto a permanent surface. Ideal of permanent installs when the Pro2 is used a standaalone DMX replay device

  • PRO2 Zip Case
    £22.00 £17.60

    A soft zipper carry case with a hard shell and enough space to hold the PRO 2, breakout cable and the usb cable.

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