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  • LED wall and flight case
    £6,550.00 £5,240.00

    Vivid 4 is a modular video panel vividly displays content without the need of bulky media servers. Create dazzling video displays with these lightweight video panels that feature Black body LEDs that accurately reproduce...

  • Chauvet DJ Vivid Drive 28N
    £2,299.00 £1,839.20

    Vivid Drive 28N is an easy-to-use video driver for CHAUVET DJ Vivid 4 video panels or any Novastar video panel. No computer needed! Vivid Drive 28N features powerful standalone mapping and a built-in video scaler for quick...

  • DOTZ Matrix
    £619.00 £495.20

    ADJ’s Dotz Matrix is a Wash/Blinder fixture with advanced COB LED technology allowing for a powerful LED engine to be placed in a small amount of space. The result is a super-charged, high output, wash fixture with...

  • ETC fos/4 Panel

    Over a decade of research has been realized in the fos/4 Panels. It’s time to give your viewers the most realistic environments and skin tones possible. Why fix in postproduction what you can realize in production?...

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