The FLX Console

Time to Be Creative

The Zero 88 FLX lighting console lets you focus on what's important to you, allowing your creative side to shine bright. With specific considerations for live events, touring productions, multipurpose venues, theatres and educational applications it’s sure to meet your needs. So whatever your ability level the FLX series of desks have been designed with ease of use at the core and are packed with the features to perform in a wide range of demanding situations. 

Slash Your Setup Time

With Patch Wizard and Auto Palettes taking care of all the prep work, getting your show up and running is now faster than ever. Whatever your performance requires the FLX has you covered. You can reduce your programming time with its simple three-step programming method for moving lights, colour changing and conventionals. With the 2,048 channels and no fixture limits you’ll have over 10,000, easy to access fixture personalities at your fingertips.

Work The Way You Want

One of the best things about the FLX is its versatility, which lets you work the way you want. With its powerful colour control you can pick accurate colours using the encoder wheels for fine adjustment or the multi touch screen for a more visual experience.

  • Some Images We Think You Should Try On Your FLX

  • "Capture the mood of the image and spread the colours across your lighting..."
  • Sunset Over Sea
  • Super Sprinkles
  • Butterfly
  • Dark Down Town

You can also speed up your workflow by picking colours from your favourite images and save these to one of the 240 colour pallets. Or capture the mood of the image and spread the colours across your lighting rig quickly to create a powerful atmosphere for your audience. 

Working Away From The Desk

If those long focusing sessions have got you dreading working away from the desk you can now make that pain a thing of the past. Connecting your FLX to a WIFI network will further expand the functionality with a range of applications for both iOS and Android devices.

For mobiles there is ZerOS Remote that enables wireless control of your rig, allowing you to manipulate, control and playback your shows as well as other applications for tablets and windows devices. 

If you’d like to know more you can check out the brochure here or browse through some great tutorials on this Zero 88 Playlist.

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