Seasons Greetings!

The time for cheer and goodwill can often bring a little stress, but the good news is we’re on hand to help!

Let it Snow!

With the UK’s last recorded white Christmas being in 2010 I know one thing for sure, you can’t count on the weather! So if you’d like to take out some of the uncertainty around the holidays why not get the next best thing.

  • Show Snow

  • Candle Lite Candle Stick

  • WL Full Zip Urban Hoodie

MTFX Snow is a bright white flake snow that will pop in even the darkest environments making it ideal for use in darker venues such as theaters, clubs and marquees. One box of 4 kg approx can cover (at a depth of 2cm) creating a loosely packed natural look. Alternatively if you’d prefer to add gently falling snow the MTFX Snow can be used with the Pacman snow machine (avalible to hire from White Light) to create upto a 45 minute shower from one box.

Why not add a little fog to your winter display?

One of the most magical things about the winter months is a beautiful low lying fog. But if like many of us you don’t fancy braving the cold temperatures that accompany this natural look, our broad range of foggers and hazers can help create anything from a light wisp of prop smoke to a dense rolling fog, and still let you get the most out of your favorite t-shirt.

  • CRYO Gate

  • Power Tiny Fogger

  • WL T-Shirt

A little fog can go along way to enhance the look of static or twinkly lights. Where space is limited the power tiny bridges the gap between the mains operated smoke machines and the smaller battery powered tiny CX and S foggers, providing a powerful fog while remaining portable and compact. But if you’ve got the room, we’ve got the machine to fill it, with a great range of foggers and hazers available to hire or buy.

Our great range of festive gobo’s

  • 4 Flakes of Snow (Goboland)

  • Christmas Leaves (Rosco)

  • Candy Cane (Rosco)

Click Here To check out occasions greetings gobos

Adding interest to a large area can be expensive but if you’ve already got the lights we can get you the gobos to fit them. With a great range of gobos adding a feature piece, changing the atmosphere of a room or adding a message of cheer is just a few clicks away. But don’t If you haven’t got the light’s, we've got that covered too why not set yourself up for new years with a Source Four CE Mini Portable.

  • Source Four CE Mini Portabl

  • Source Four Mini Lens Tube

  • Happy New Year 2 (Goboland)

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