Could 2019 be the year you reduce your use of PVC tape?

Getting those easy wins out of the way early is a great way to stay motivated, so reducing your use of PVC tape should definitely be an addition to your list of new year's resolutions.

With 2018 now behind us we can reflect on what was great about the last year and spend some time looking forward to new opportunities. If your list of new year's resolutions is still looking a bit sparse it might be time for you to try one of the latest additions to shop WL.

Snap: light Plastic cable clamps

The durable polyamide clips, available here in the two most popular colours for scaff, black and silver. Could not only help you save time when running cable for your production, but are easily removed and reused so will help you reduce your impact on the environment too.

The easy installation of the clips can be achieved with one hand and can hold cables with a total cross-section of approximately 950 mm². The clips are designed to be non-slip and non-abrasive meaning you could reduce your time spent repainting truss and scaff. With the divide in the clamp able to hold suspension elements/wire cables with a diameter of up to 10 mm. So if cleaning bits of tape off your truss is one of the things you’d like to rid yourself of in 2019 add some to your cart today!

You can count on shop WL to provide high quality products at low prices you’ll love year round. Make even bigger savings with bundles and multi buy items as at shop WL great deals aren't just for the January Sales! 

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