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Capture's Mission

Capture has had one singular focus since 1994, that focus is to make software that helps their users to create high quality lighting design, visualisation and documentation. They have grown to be one of the best recognised names in their field, continuing to improve there software year after year. Their easy to use and intuitive program supported on both Mac and Windows, becomes a natural part of the lighting designer's tool box. Effortlessly taking care of the heavy lifting lets you focus on what's important, making your ideas a reality.

“If a user doesn’t instantly understand how to use a feature, it’s not good enough”

Drawing on their own wealth of experience within the lighting design industry, coupled with there user centric development process. They have proactively reduced the distance between them and their end users to design powerful software that remains easy to use. Setting capture apart from traditional system software that requires a large amount of training to be operated.


  • Design

    Capture 2019 design view

    "work with all the visual aspects of a show. It comes with a rich toolset for stage and architectural lighting, multimedia technology and laser as well as water based visual effects."

  • Document

    Capture 2019 Document view

    Any design created in Capture is only a few clicks away from transforming into first-class paperwork. Common design elements' appearance has been carefully optimized optimal readability on paper.

  • Visualise

    Capture 2019 Visualise view

    Capture allows you to easily connect to a large number of lighting, media and motion control systems available on the market in order to visualize your show in it's entirety, in real-time.

Key Features New to Capture 2019

For capture 2019 the focus has been placed strongly on the lighting designer's workflow.

All user interface elements now remember their state - current selection, column widths and sorting. Windows reopen in the same place as last time and if left open, reopen when you resume working. This lets you stay on track and focus on the work at hand instead of managing your working environment.

With support for dark mode and trackpads on macOS as well as improved 3Dconnexion device support this release lets your hardware come to its right.

Great rendering engine performance improvements breathe new energy into your hardware and allows you to visualise larger projects than before.

Many design environment enhancements, new fixture data fields and improved data import and export makes Capture 2019 more communicative than ever!

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Phone: 020 8254 4800

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