Adopt A Pre-Loved Infinity ACL-M

After bringing light to so many people lives at events all over the country. We at White Light believe that every fitting should find a good and loving home.

Our featured fixture this week is the Coemar Infinity ACL-M. Please note this fixture enjoys company so will be provided with another Coemar Infinity ACL-M in a sturdy flight case to prevent them getting hurt during their travels.

Their modular design means this pair of bright medium sized fixtures are easy to look after and maintain. Patented “MULTI-lamp” technology enables them to run and chase with either MSR 575W/2 or MSR Gold 700/2 . Making these fixtures ready for energy savings lamps or any kind of lamp that will be made available in the future.

Obedient temperament follows all standard Art-Net commands. Well behaved round other unfamiliar fittings with DMX channels: 19/20. The WDMX BlackBox F-1 G5 is the perfect companion for these patterns allowing you to let them off the lead and still remain in control .

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