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  • DMXcat™ Multi Function Test Tool
    £280.00 £195.00

    City Theatrical‘s DMXcat™ system is designed for use by the lighting professional who is involved with the planning, installation, operation, or maintenance of theatrical and studio lighting equipment. The system...

  • DMXcat belt pouch
    £17.00 £12.75

    The DMXcat’s interface device is a compact battery powered unit which fits easily in a pocket or tool pouch or may be worn on a belt using this belt pouch.

  • RDM Commander
    £209.00 £156.75

    The RDM Commander is the latest testing, setting and monitoring tool for all DMX and/or RDM capable devices. Aside from the normal characteristics of a standard DMX tester, the unit is equipped with a wide range of...

  • Swisson RDM Controller / DMX Tester - XMT-350
    £498.00 £373.50

    The XMT-350 is a compact and modern RDM Controller and DMX tester.RDM-enabled devices can be monitored and controlled with the XMT-350. For example, the DMX addresses can be set remotely. The XMT-350 automatically detects...

  • Swisson XMT - 120A DMX Measurement Tool
    £338.00 £253.50

    The XMT-120A is the new generation of powerful DMX512 measurement and test equipment for architecture, entertainment, film and TV lighting and installations using DMX512. The versatile functions of the XMT-120A simplify the...

  • UglyBox G5
    £410.00 £307.50

    The UglyBox is hailed as the ‘riggers best friend’, an indispensible tool in the lighting designer or technician’s arsenal.  With the capability to receive W-DMX™  signals to check their...

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